Susan V. Wheeler – Keynote Speaker

Motivational Key Note for your Company, Group or Organization

Keynote Topics

Here are some of my most popular speaking topics, but we can create a program that is unique to you and speaks to your audience!  I’m here to motivate, inspire, entertain and educate your group or organization.

Let’s set up a strategy call to discuss what works for you!

  • Want to be happy?  Learn how to Let Go of the Past!

  • How to not fight CHANGE, but Embrace it!

  • How to be a World-Class Over Comer!  

  • The Secret to Goal Setting and actually Achieving them

  • The Power of Self Care – why it’s critical for happiness

  • How to thrive through the bad times.  Making Lemonade from Lemons

  • How to STOP making EXCUSES and get to where you want to go!

  • Success – it’s not about YOU. How to be more compassionate and serving.

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