When Life Hands You Lemons…The Lemonade Diet

Excerpt from “The Lemonade Diet”

Life’s lemons happen to all of us. Some of us will choose to make lemonade while the rest will become so sour that we allow these circumstances to spoil our life. They steal our joy, rob us of belief, limit our power, dash our dreams and in turn, we become bitter, sour, weak and hopeless. We do less and we settle for less. We forget that this is our life and we are in the driver’s seat when we allow the aftermath of these circumstances to take the wheel.

So, when life hands you lemons, remember, you have choices. You can squeeze them over fresh-from-the-garden grilled asparagus and enjoy their tart flavor. You can grab three of them and learn how to juggle. You can make a citrus scrub, deodorize your fridge, soothe sunburns or one of my absolute favorites…relax in a hammock and enjoy a lemon martini. Whatever you decide, greet that deluge of lemons with a mindset that is positive, productive and proactive.  SVW

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