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Latest News

15 Jan 22
5 Tips to Get Back on Track

This year the holidays did me in. After two years of shutdowns and shut-ins, we were all anxious to...

27 Dec 21
2022, in a Word

I’ve chosen my word for 2022.Expand.2022 is a big year for me.I’ll be 60!I’ve put...

17 Dec 21
Be The Joy

Is cultivating joy difficult?When feelings of frustration, sadness, hurt, anger and disappointment p...

02 Dec 21
Kindness Is Free

Kindness doesn’t take much effort.It’s the act of being friendly. Generous. Considerate....

29 Nov 21
Be Unstoppable

Is being headstrong a good quality?I say YES! Sometimes, when I was young, I’d have a fit if I...

11 Nov 21
Looking For Love

All of my life, I’ve never had a hard time making a friend, finding a job, or locating a parki...

04 Nov 21
Don’t Take NO Personally!

I was having lunch with two friends. After lunch, I opened my purse, took out a pack of gum, and off...

31 Oct 21
You ARE Your Habits

If you are your habits, then who would you be?Susan, the early riser?Susan, the Appalachian trail hi...

18 Oct 21
Meditation on the Trail

For years I’ve been drawn to the idea of meditation, but I’ve never felt the urge to sit...

26 Sep 21
Winners Never Quit

You know the saying, winners never quit, and quitters never win.Sounds easy enough, but staying in t...

17 Sep 21
It’s Time to Dump Envy

Envy. If you aren’t on one side of it, you are probably on the other. Let me explain. We have...

05 Sep 21
Glory Days

For years I over-salted my food. As I sprinkled away, tongue in cheek, I’d loudly announce,...

29 Aug 21
Take A Deep Breath

Gosh, we are impatient. I was in the grocery store and watched a gal switch checkout lines two times...

22 Aug 21
Is Anybody Listening?

If God wanted us to talk more and listen less, I think he would have given us one ear and two mouths...

14 Aug 21
Gold Medal Mindset

Appalachian Trail thru-hiking should be an Olympic sport, and everyone who completes it should recei...

19 Jul 21
Trail Magic

Trail Magic is like fairy dust. One tiny sprinkle travels quite a distance. Just what is this...

10 Jun 21
Forgive Yourself

Our church sermon packed a punch last Sunday. When I walked into the church, I noticed strands of bl...

30 May 21
The Beautiful Journey

The promise of a spectacular view keeps most hiker’s feet moving.Really, who doesn’t get...

24 May 21
Fabulously Flawed

Flawless.Relax.It’s a myth.Not even a diamond is truly flawless. Under intense scrutiny, you...

10 May 21
Happy Mother’s Day

This past year we’ve spent lots of time praising all the essential workers who’ve had to...

30 Apr 21
Stand Out!

Yesterday I went for a short hike by myself. It was probably the first time in years since I always...

02 Apr 21
Follow The Leader

My dog Finn is a great leader and an excellent teacher. The funny thing is, he doesn’t even tr...

22 Mar 21
Your Presence is Priceless

I’m several days late publishing my blog this week.  My excuse? I’ve been busy livi...

14 Mar 21
Skip Winter in 5 Steps

I finally understand why birds migrate south for the winter.Nothing beats Tampa weather in March.In...

26 Feb 21
Take Off Your Mask!

No!!! Not the mask controversy! I know what you’re thinking.“The mask.”It is a rar...

12 Feb 21
Happiness Is A Choice

Your happiness is up to you! It really is. Every time I was handed lemons in my life, early on, I fe...

04 Feb 21
3 Ways To Beat A Bad Day

I refer to myself as a world-class overcomer. Not because I never had a bad day, but quite the oppos...

28 Jan 21
The Awesomeness of Adversity

Why do I say adversity is awesome?Because it’s the truth.The act of staying safe does not make...

15 Jan 21
What’s On Your Heart?

My blogs are always about what’s on my heart.They are reminders for me, as well as lessons I w...

02 Jan 21
Open The Door To 2021

Our wishes have finally come true.We’ve kicked 2020 to the curb!All the disaster that it has u...

28 Dec 20
Drop Your Expectations

In my book, The Lemonade Diet, I wrote about expectations.I wrote about how we are disappointed when...

03 Dec 20
5 Tips For A Healthy Holiday

Every December, most people go off the rails when it comes to their health.  We drink too much,...

26 Nov 20
A Thankful Thanksgiving

I publish my blog every Thursday, and since Thanksgiving happens to fall on this one, I feel compell...

05 Nov 20
On The Fence?

What’s the biggest thing that’s stopping you?You.We talk ourselves out of so many great...

22 Oct 20
Running For My Girl

October is breast cancer awareness month, and I want to share a little story with you.Fourteen years...

15 Oct 20
In One Word

Choose one word to guide you through the year. Your word is your road map and your mirror, and the g...

08 Oct 20
8 Ways to Celebrate YOU!

It’s my birthday month, and there is no better time to celebrate ME than NOW!And I’m not...

02 Oct 20
The Journey to Appreciation

Last weekend I hiked for 3-days on the Appalachian Trail in Massachusetts with my dog Finn. On day t...

24 Sep 20
Confidence Starts Here

Good Morning Beautiful! Is this what you tell your reflection in the bathroom mirror every morning?...

17 Sep 20
Why We Judge…Ourselves

How did she get up there? Or, How did she get up there? Which way do you think? Are y...

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