January 7, 2021

6 Steps to CREATE Your Best Self in 2021

Who doesn’t love a new year?

A clean slate.

A do-over.

Each year I choose a word to help me grow and improve.

I think of my word like a lighthouse, guiding me to stay on course and continue moving in the right direction.

This year my word is CREATE.

Here’s why.

Sometimes I think we expect a new day or a fresh start to make everything better. But it doesn’t happen that way.

Imagine your word for the year being EXPECT?

I picture arms folded, eyes rolling, and an impatient foot-tapping.

If you have been expecting things to happen, and they haven’t, or the wrong things are happening, it’s all your fault.

That’s right.

Because for anything to “be” the way you want it to be, or for you to “have” what you want to have, you must create it.

Here’s how to CREATE anything.

Commit ~ Make an agreement with yourself and promise that you will do whatever it takes. No matter what!

Run ~ Run with your ideas, your plan, your goals. You don’t have to sprint, but at least aim for a fast jog. The problem with going slow or waiting for the perfect moment is that you will lose steam and fall off altogether.

Energy ~ Your energy matters. And I’m not talking about getting enough sleep here. What I mean is your attitude. How you show up every single day. Your drive, your ambition, your body language. Even your posture matters! Fabulous people and unique opportunities are attracted to positive energy. 

Announce it! ~ If you are going out in the world to create amazing things, let the cat out of the bag. Talking about your dreams and goals is not bragging. It will hold you accountable and keep you creating even on the days where your enthusiasm escapes you.

Target ~ Always have a masterplan, goals, and a target. Remember, you still get “points” when you hit the outer rings! The plan is to get closer and closer to your goals, but remember, it’s unlikely to hit your bullseye on your first shot. It’s essential to have something to aim for, and all the small wins add up along the way.

Enjoy ~ Don’t forgo the celebration. We who love to create often skip this vital step. We are passionate and love chasing after what sets our hearts on fire, so much so that often we dive right back in with another goal without taking the time to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. You don’t have to throw yourself a party. I’ve found that a hammock in the shade and a lemon martini do the trick for me!

Cheers to creating your wildest dreams 2021!

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