Running For My Girl

October is breast cancer awareness month, and I want to share a little story with you.Fourteen years ago, I lost an extraordinary friend to breast cancer. She died one month shy of her fortieth birthday.Lisa learned of her cancer diagnosis during the pregnancy of her third son. Pregnancy is taxing enough, but imagine going through […]

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8 Ways to Celebrate YOU!

It’s my birthday month, and there is no better time to celebrate ME than NOW!And I’m not talking about getting falling-down drunk. That’s a party, not a celebration.I’m talking about gratitude, reflection, self-awareness, and joy! I celebrate my birthday for an entire month because I deserve it.And so do you!So, what exactly does a month-long […]

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Persevering Through Pandemics and Power Outages

As if the challenges of a pandemic weren’t enough, let’s throw in the destructive aftermath of a hurricane. If you haven’t reached your tipping point with social distancing, masks, and the cancellation of every social event, celebration, and gathering, try flushing your toilet with pond water.It turns out, the unraveling of basic hygiene was the […]

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The Lemonade Diet is coming on AUDIOBOOK!

I like to explore Amazon when searching for my next great listen. I was doing my usual browsing through self-improvement books one day when a cover caught my eye. It was simple but powerful: a woman juggling lemons, bright and yellow. The Lemonade Diet by Susan V. Wheeler. I checked out the “look inside” feature and the chapter names. “Stop Quitting.”

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Hats, Converse…Action! How I added 7 extra hours to my week

Until lately, I have not realized the true value of a good going-out hat and a pair of special-occasion-only Converse. I’m the girl who used to wash her hair every day. Every. Single. Day. Even though my hairdresser told me it’s not good to strip my hair of its natural oils, I washed it anyway. […]

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Bring Back The Smile 🙂 3 Ways to Smile More

I miss a lot of things these days, but smiles top the list. I have not enjoyed wearing a mask all these months. Steamed up glasses, feeling suffocated and my poor sensitive tugged-at ears are a few of my biggest mask-wearing complaints.But what masks have done to common courtesy saddens me to the core. We […]

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