March 14, 2021

Skip Winter in 5 Steps

I finally understand why birds migrate south for the winter.
Nothing beats Tampa weather in March.
In Connecticut, it’s a slow tease to spring.
Tampa brings it every day.

On the flip side, there’s no place like Connecticut for late spring, summer, and early fall. I couldn’t love it more. But in my eyes, winter is an epic fail.

This year, I decided to see how bailing on Connecticut in March might feel. I shopped online for just the right Airbnb, loaded my car with the essentials (my dogs), and headed south.

It took all of 24 hours, and I was sold on this snowbird thing.
It’s not too hot. It’s not too cold. The sun shines! The days are longer. There are people outdoors, running, biking, and walking their dogs.
Restaurants are busy, and there are so many choices.
My favorite thing is that Tampa is a dog-friendly world.
When you’re dining with a dog, your waiter serves them too! Bowls of cold water with endless refills. I’d bet they’re even allowed to order a steak dinner.

Back home, my outings cycled between the gym and the grocery store. Maybe a trip to Walmart every couple of weeks. And church on Sundays. Between covid and the cold, I just about had it.

Tampa has a zoo, dog-park beaches, riverwalks, rooftop restaurants, my favorite quarterback, and glorious sunsets on the beach. Today I went on a kayak tour in a clear boat!
The sky is blue, the air is warm, and the breeze blows just when you need it. I couldn’t hand-pick more perfect weather.

The hardest part is making a decision.
As Nike would tell you, “Just Do It”.
You will dream up endless excuses to stay zipped up in your parka, but you have to turn down the noise.

1 Make a decision.
2 Figure out a budget.
3 Find a place to stay.
4 If you can, work from “home.”
5 And finally, “Just Do It!”

I know that sounds pretty simple because it is.
We are so entrenched in our comfort zones that an extended vacation can seem like an unattainable dream.

Stop worrying.
Stop waiting.
Make a plan and pull a Nike.
And watch what other fabulous opportunities start to unfold.

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