May 10, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day

This past year we’ve spent lots of time praising all the essential workers who’ve had to perform their jobs during the pandemic.
Now, I want to take a minute to pat myself and every mother everywhere on the back.
In the best of times, being a mom isn’t easy.
A mom, by definition, is an essential worker.
A mom, is much like a business owner. Even if they’re lucky enough to get a day off or catch a break from the action, they are always on duty.
Now add the complications of a pandemic to the mix.

My youngest graduated in her high school parking lot a couple of months into the pandemic. I am thankful that I didn’t have to endure more than a few months of distance learning. I wasn’t cut out for home-schooling. Neither were the majority of moms on this planet.
But they did it anyway.

Moms had to be gym teachers, art teachers, scout leaders, dance instructors, music teachers, softball coaches, karate instructors, storytellers, nurses, counselors, chefs, and housekeepers.
Praise to the moms that were sick with Covid or anything else this past year. They still managed to pour cereal into bowls, wipe a butt or two, and get the laundry done.

In many ways, this past year was like every other year in the history of moms. But add to it fear, uncertainty, stress, and isolation.

I remember my dad saying we should honor our mother every day, not just on Mother’s Day.
He was right.
So let’s add motherhood to the list of essential workers and praise them daily. Not just the second Sunday of May.
Pandemic or not.
Cheers to the Moms.
They are essential.

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