July 16, 2020

DECREASE Your IQ!? My 3 Best Tips

Calm down. I’m not referring to your Intelligence Quotient. 

I’m talking about your OTHER IQ.

Your I QUIT mentality.

For most of us, that’s where we need to focus our efforts.

We quit more things than we finish. 


You always hear me talk about mindset. But what does that 

mean and what tangible steps can you take to develop an 

“I WILL NOT QUIT” mindset?

  • Follow Success

Find someone who has what you want or has done what you desire. 

Use that to fuel your confidence. 

Many people look at someone who is crushing it, and instead of using them as role models, they twist it and feel bad about themselves. And then they quit because they lack self-belief. I have always found it reassuring to know that if someone else can achieve something, it is possible. Therefore, it is possible for me too. 

  • Use Plan “B”

Do not use failure as an excuse to quit. It only means your approach did not work and you need to find one that will. It’s okay to go slow or to flub things up and start over. Remember that quitting is a choice, but quitting is not considered a Plan “B.”

  • Develop a KNOCKOUT Why

If you do not have great passion or urgency fueling your desires or goals, quitting is easy. But if you have an ironclad why, NOTHING will stop you! 

You’ve seen people fight for a cause, going to great lengths to protect and stand up for what they believe. THAT is the kind of personal passion you require to keep driving towards YOUR dreams.

Quitting is easy.

It does not require time, patience, perseverance, persistence, or creativity.

And it will not leave you with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Quitters kick themselves in the butt.

Accomplishers pat themselves on the back.

Cheers to not quitting!

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