Be The Joy

Is cultivating joy difficult?When feelings of frustration, sadness, hurt, anger and disappointment plague us, we wonder, is it really worth looking for the silver lining?Being joyful?Yes, it is.Stay the course. Remember when the Grinch stole Christmas and the next morning all The Who’s in Whoville gathered in the village, and holding hands, they sang. All […]

Healthy Mind and Body, Personal Development

Trust Your Strength

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived everything that life has thrown your way.So far, so good.Now, when are you going to start believing in yourself? In the bible, God told Gideon, “go in the strength that you have.” That’s because God does not put us in situations we aren’t equipped for.But we don’t know this […]

Healthy Mind and Body, Mindset

Kindness Is Free

Kindness doesn’t take much effort.It’s the act of being friendly. Generous. Considerate.And giving kindness is free. Imagine being friendly, generous, or considerate to a stranger or a friend, or anyone at all, for that matter.Would the world be a happier, more pleasant place?I think so. December is the month associated with giving.Typically we think of […]

Developing Great Habits, Relationship Building

Be Unstoppable

Is being headstrong a good quality?I say YES! Sometimes, when I was young, I’d have a fit if I was having a hard time with my homework, hitting the right note on my violin, or trying to get the shading just right on an art project.My Gram used to say,“Susie, you can do anything if […]

Developing Great Habits, Mindset

3 Ways to Start Valuing Your Time

The older I get, the more I lean.I lean towards pleasing myself over pleasing others.In other words, I’m learning to value my time.It’s not selfish.It’s smart. It’s healthy. And it’s necessary.These days we busy ourselves volunteering, serving, and saying yes way too much.When my kids were in school, my weekly volunteer hours amounted to a […]

Developing Great Habits, Mindset

Looking For Love

All of my life, I’ve never had a hard time making a friend, finding a job, or locating a parking space.That is my expectation.What you focus on, you find. For years, I’ve been in the habit of being mindful and noticing things.One thing I see no matter where I happen to be, is hearts.The hearts […]

Healthy Mind and Body, Mindset

Meditation on the Trail

For years I’ve been drawn to the idea of meditation, but I’ve never felt the urge to sit still and purposefully meditate. I mean, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?  Sit while focusing and training your mind towards a mentally and emotionally clear and calm state? We all have our unique styles, and it […]

Healthy Mind and Body, Hiking
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