December 2, 2021

Kindness Is Free

Kindness doesn’t take much effort.
It’s the act of being friendly. Generous. Considerate.
And giving kindness is free.

Imagine being friendly, generous, or considerate to a stranger or a friend, or anyone at all, for that matter.
Would the world be a happier, more pleasant place?
I think so.

December is the month associated with giving.
Typically we think of gifts wrapped in colorful paper tied with a fancy bow.
What if you thought of kindness as an unwrapped gift? A gift that gives and gives and gives.

Yesterday, a driver waved me through a busy intersection. Her gesture was an intentional act of kindness. Everyone gets held up at this intersection for several minutes, waiting for a break in traffic. I imagine this gal had been in this same lane before and knew how it tested one’s patience. I drove by her, smiling and waving. She smiled and waved back. The next opportunity I had to wave someone else along in traffic, remembering her, I paid it forward.

Kindness feeds kindness.

Kindness doesn’t cost money. You don’t have to buy coffee or groceries or pay the toll for the car behind you. Just be nice. Be thoughtful. Be caring. Be considerate.

Kindness doesn’t require time or money. It just needs an opportunity.
Hold open a door.
Let someone who seems flustered, rushed, or impatient step ahead of you in line.
Listen with intent.
Offer a hug if appropriate.
Look into someone’s eyes and smile.
Yup, a smile can change everything.

Give kindness.
Watch what happens next.

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