2022, in a Word

I’ve chosen my word for 2022.Expand.2022 is a big year for me.I’ll be 60!I’ve put a lot of thought into choosing my word for this year, and here’s how I finally landed on “expand.”When I wake every morning, with my eyes still closed, I spend a few minutes in reflection before starting the day.During this […]

Goal Setting, Personal Development

Be The Joy

Is cultivating joy difficult?When feelings of frustration, sadness, hurt, anger and disappointment plague us, we wonder, is it really worth looking for the silver lining?Being joyful?Yes, it is.Stay the course. Remember when the Grinch stole Christmas and the next morning all The Who’s in Whoville gathered in the village, and holding hands, they sang. All […]

Healthy Mind and Body, Personal Development

Find Your 5

This week I did a workshop on ten ways to believe in yourself.The positive feedback was overwhelming on one particular point.Find Your 5. Who are the five people you spend most of your time with? If you stop and think about it, you may be surrounding yourself with people who “love” you but aren’t helping […]

Goal Setting, Personal Development

It’s Time to Dump Envy

Envy. If you aren’t on one side of it, you are probably on the other. Let me explain. We have all felt envious of someone or something at some point. An incurable case of the “I wishes.” I wish I had their house, or car, or family, or job, or their freedom lifestyle, etc. If […]

Personal Development

Glory Days

For years I over-salted my food. As I sprinkled away, tongue in cheek, I’d loudly announce, “I am a runner.”My justification was that runners sweat massively, losing tons of sodium, so we needed extra salt.Even though I haven’t run much at all in nearly three years, I still use that line.The truth is, I love […]

Goal Setting, Personal Development
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