December 27, 2021

2022, in a Word

I’ve chosen my word for 2022.
2022 is a big year for me.
I’ll be 60!
I’ve put a lot of thought into choosing my word for this year, and here’s how I finally landed on “expand.”
When I wake every morning, with my eyes still closed, I spend a few minutes in reflection before starting the day.
During this reflection last week, I noticed my breathing was ever so slight.
My inhaling and exhaling were as if I was flying under the radar, trying to go unnoticed, not take up too much space.
The fact is, most of us take in just enough air to get by, even though our lungs are capable of so much more.
So, I began to take some deep breaths, hold them, then fully exhale.
As I felt my lungs fully expand, I got to thinking about how many things we do in our lives, with the benchmark being “just enough to get by.”
I will celebrate my sixtieth year in a big way.
I will expand in every area of my life.
Except my waistline!
I will make new friends, explore new places, set new business goals, grow in my relationship with God, get better at playing the violin, be more physically fit, and much more.
This word will guide me and remind me to do more, be more, love more, live more.
I am excited to see where my life is this time next year!

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Mom of 4😊7 grands❤️ultra runner 🏃‍♀️natural health strategist🍇writer 🌶organic farm owner🥕
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