December 9, 2021

Trust Your Strength

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived everything that life has thrown your way.
So far, so good.
Now, when are you going to start believing in yourself?

In the bible, God told Gideon, “go in the strength that you have.”

That’s because God does not put us in situations we aren’t equipped for.
But we don’t know this until we’re placed in a situation.

We have a hard time trusting ourselves.
Letting go.
Leaning on our faith.
Standing strong.

Imagine the worst.
Seriously, dream up the worst-case scenario and play it out in your head.
Go ahead, get creative! Make it so wild that you feel silly.

Look at the evidence.
Anything can happen, but what are the chances?
Get the stats.

Talk about it.
When you share something out loud, it loses its punch.
Let a friend help you set things straight.

Dorothy wanted to get home to her family, not realizing that she had the power all along.

Stand strong.
Don’t waiver.
You’ve always had everything you need.
Trust yourself.

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About Susan Wheeler
Mom of 4😊7 grands❤️ultra runner 🏃‍♀️natural health strategist🍇writer 🌶organic farm owner🥕
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