April 30, 2021

Stand Out!

Yesterday I went for a short hike by myself. It was probably the first time in years since I always go with at least one dog, sometimes two, and occasionally I’ll have a friend along. I found this local trail I wanted to hike, but it didn’t allow dogs. I mean, what kind of trail doesn’t allow DOGS? I was skeptical, but curiosity got the best of me so, I decided to check it out.

Since I didn’t have the boys to keep an eye on, I looked forward to taking in all the tiny details.
I love the adventure and exercise, but his time of year, the woods and trails are pretty dull and devoid of color and texture. Any hint of color gets my full attention. I spotted skunk cabbage that brought the edges of the brook to life, and then I noticed one small plant with yellow flowers that absolutely seemed to glow. I was drawn to it and took a lovely picture of this marsh marigold, also known as a cowslip. Looking all around, I noticed it was the only one.

A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

Oh, if we all could learn a little lesson here.
It’s ok to stand out.

Why are we worried about what people think about us?
We are afraid of criticism and failure.
We don’t want to show anyone up.
Be remarkable.
Be bold.
Go against the grain.
You’ll never be great if you play safe and follow the rules.
Be you.
Stand up.
Stand OUT!

Flying under the radar or dulling your light does nothing to inspire yourself or others.
Sure, putting yourself out there might bring criticism from some, but it will encourage others.

If you are someone in the criticizing camp, STOP IT! Stop it right now! There are enough natural obstacles and challenges we all face without worrying about other people’s unkind opinions.

When you see someone putting themselves out there,
What goes around comes around.

Shine. Stand out!
Pass it on.

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