April 12, 2021

5 Ways to Overcome Vacation Procrastination

How many vacations have you put off because you don’t have the time or the money?

Vacationing seems like a luxury.

Webster defines vacation as an extended period of leisure, which might feel as though it’s something frivolous. Often, “time away” is given low priority because there’s always a place to spend time or money that is more productive or essential, isn’t there? 

The majority of people are overworked and overwhelmed.

Our solution? We spend more time working! 

Like a dog chasing its tail, we never really catch up.

Around and around, we go, not realizing that a vacation is a healthy way to stop our tailspin.

Scientific studies show that vacationing is not some silly self-indulgence! Did you realize that a vacation can lower stress, give you a better outlook on life, and fuel your motivation to achieve your goals?

When is the last time you got up early to catch a sunrise, knowing you could nap later in a hammock?

Do you remember the last time you saw something for the first time and let out an audible sigh?

What was the last audacious goal you set for yourself?

When our phones or computers glitch, we restart them.

When our cars reach a particular mileage, we service them.

An artist steps back from the canvas to see their work from a different angle.

Has it been too long since you’ve restarted and rejuvenated?

Are you treating your life like the beautiful piece of artwork that it is? 

Here are my best tips on how to stop talking about vacation and take one!

  1. Browse online. Look up places you might like to visit and paint those pictures in your mind. This one activity alone will start the massive momentum from talking about your trip to taking it.
  2. Shop for Airbnb’s in that area. Imagine how you’ll feel cooking in different kitchens, having coffee on that welcoming porch, curling up in a cozy chair to read or relax.
  3. Compare prices for flights. Look into car rentals. If hotels are your thing, compare those. Get your numbers together!
  4. Book it! Some like to save up before setting the date, but I suggest the opposite. Set the date, then work to make it happen. Make it your goal to pay off your credit card before the trip!
  5. Go. Do not back out. There will be a million things that come up before your trip making it tempting to back out. Listen up because what I’m about to say is key to getting out of your cycle of vacation procrastination. Experiencing your “dreams” in real life will be so compelling that you will ALWAYS find a way to travel, relax and rejuvenate. I’ll bet that you start planning or even book your next trip before you get home!

Browse, shop, compare, book, and GO!

Don’t overthink this. 

Life doesn’t give us warranties or guarantees.

Your service log is your passport.

Fill it up!

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