December 28, 2020

Drop Your Expectations

In my book, The Lemonade Diet, I wrote about expectations.
I wrote about how we are disappointed when we expect things we have no control over.

Typically I love tradition. Most of us do.
This Christmas, I let all of my expectations go.

I watched everyone’s posts of beautifully decorated trees and Christmas cookies.
We shopped online and attended virtual holiday parties.
We sent video greetings and face-timed with our families.
Christmas Day reminded me of the Whos in Whoville celebrating Christmas with love in their hearts, without needing trees and gifts and a Christmas feast.

This year was my first time hosting Christmas.
Ever! It was always at my moms or my in-laws.
This year, because of the Covid, we stayed home.
We didn’t get a tree.
We didn’t bake cookies.
We didn’t have a traditional dinner.
What did we do?
On Christmas eve, we visited a local church for a fantastic service.
Christmas Day we spent in our pajamas, playing games, snacking, and drinking wine.
We relaxed and napped and cuddled with our dogs.

We packed away our expectations and enjoyed what is.
And you know what?
It was wonderful.

Cheers to creating and not expecting.

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