February 26, 2021

Take Off Your Mask!

No!!! Not the mask controversy!

I know what you’re thinking.
“The mask.”
It is a rare occasion to see anyone anywhere in the world without one.
A couple of years ago, you might have thought I was talking about a Halloween mask.
Either way, you’re wrong.

I’m talking about the masks we’ve been wearing our whole lives.
The masks that hide our hurt feelings.
Or our insecurities.
Or our fears.
Or our mistakes.
Or our shortcomings.
Or, there are masks that we wear, so we don’t shine too brightly, to spare others feelings of envy and such.
The truth is, we’ve been wearing one mask or another our entire lives.
And it’s time to take them off.

In writing my book The Lemonade Diet, I got vulnerable.
When I sent off my manuscript for the first time, I felt naked, like I had revealed myself to the world. It was as if I left my unlocked diary open on the kitchen table for anyone to thumb through.

My mask was off.

As hard as it was, it was necessary on many levels to reveal my weaknesses and not only showcase my strengths.
I mean, how can we encourage others to persevere through the hard stuff if we act like everything has been easy for us?
It’s the struggles that lead to success and happiness and freedom.

I removed my mask to show what happens when we have faith in the process and persist through the most challenging times.

Stop pretending it’s easy.
Because the truth is, it isn’t.
Be proud of your journey.
Your mistakes.
Your shortcomings.
Because you are always in the process of overcoming, and your struggles have made you the inspiration you are today.

Take off your mask.

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