November 26, 2020

A Thankful Thanksgiving

I publish my blog every Thursday, and since Thanksgiving happens to fall on this one, I feel compelled to write about it.
I read an article yesterday that said we have permission not to be thankful this year.
That’s like encouraging a toddler to have a temper-tantrum every time things don’t go the way they want.
You see, I’m a silver linings girl. In my book, The Lemonade Diet, I encourage the reader to take the lemons life hands us and make lemonade. People become bitter and resentful because they don’t force themselves to seek good in a situation.
Look, I know it’s been a tough year for the entire world.
A big one for me was that I spent a full year writing and editing my first book, only to have it published at the very moment the world shut down.
I had to cancel my book signings and speaking engagements.
So I had to get creative with podcasts, radio shows, and FB live events to promote it instead.
I am thankful for the internet.
My sanity is exercise.
When the gyms closed, I took up hiking in an obsessive way.
I am thankful for the thousands of miles of trails that are free and open to everyone.
When we embraced the idea of being stuck at home for months, we figured it was the perfect time to potty-train a new puppy. A few weeks ago, we lost our 15 year-old dog Ellie.
We are thankful for our spunky little Spike.
You guys, life hands us lemons all the time.
Imagine seeing your favorite band in concert and being pissed off the entire show because you aren’t in the front row.
Remember the Grinch? He was miserable and took it out on all the Who’s in Whoville. Even though he tried to ruin their Christmas, they still found joy in their families and the spirit of the holiday.
So unlike that stupid lady who is encouraging everyone to be angry and miserable and not look for joy this Thanksgiving, I urge you to celebrate life and light and miracles.
They are the foundation of hope and happiness.

Find something to be thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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