January 28, 2021

The Awesomeness of Adversity

Why do I say adversity is awesome?
Because it’s the truth.
The act of staying safe does not make you stronger.
But a challenging situation does.

And isn’t that everyone’s goal?
To be better, happier, braver, more confident, less fearful, etc.

But we aren’t born that way. Through the ups and downs in our lives, we develop these attributes. Primarily through the downs.

Think about what it takes to develop a better body.
Let’s say you’re already feeling pretty good, but you join a gym because you want to build your biceps or sculpt your abs.
You’re already fit, but now you’re targeting areas that you’ve been neglecting.
Your workout goes well, but the next day you feel as if you’ve been hit by a truck and dragged around the block a few times.
That’s the after-effect of your muscles facing adversity.
You must break them down to build them up.
And during the healing phase, in-between workouts, you have to remind yourself that the temporary pain means you will get stronger.
Will adversity make you quit, or will you push through and get results?

I was having a conversation with my youngest daughter Jaclyn.
I had already been a mom for 22 years by the time she was born.
It’s fair to say my parenting got a little lax. Over the years, Jaclyn’s dad and I had learned to let go of the small stuff, and we weren’t very strict about too many things. Our finances improved over the years, so Jaclyn got used to getting more “handed” to her than her siblings.
You could say she was lucky… or unlucky.
Ask her, and she’ll say she was unlucky.
It’s not that she didn’t appreciate all we had done for her. But because we made her life pretty easy, she never developed a strong why or a deep yearning to be better or do more.
You see, our other kids faced adversity that eventually forced them to level up.
Jaclyn never had that. She was always too comfortable, knowing there would be a safety net to catch her.

When she was telling me this, I knew she was right.
I did her a disservice by making things easy.

Adversity sucks, but it makes us stronger. It builds our character, strengthens our why, and gives us belief.
And when we overcome and share our story, we pour strength and belief into others.

Fast forward to Jaclyn being 50 pounds overweight.
She was miserable and struggled for a couple of years, trying to slim down. She was used to easy, but this was hard.

Even superhero mom’s don’t have a magic wand for this one.
Jaclyn had to tackle this herself. And she did!
Fifty pounds went in 4 months!

What that did for her self esteem and confidence was huge, but it also showed her just how powerful and in control she was.
She did it on her own. And she knows if she can do one hard thing, she can do another.

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