September 17, 2021

It’s Time to Dump Envy


If you aren’t on one side of it, you are probably on the other.

Let me explain.

We have all felt envious of someone or something at some point.

An incurable case of the “I wishes.”

I wish I had their house, or car, or family, or job, or their freedom lifestyle, etc.

If you’re on that side of envy, let it drive you.

Opportunity is endless. Instead of feeling envy, use the things others “have” that you ultimately “want” as your guiding light. When you get clear on your destination, all you need are directions. Follow the path, do the work. It’s not always physical work either. You might need personal development. Get to work on yourself!

Now here’s the other side of envy that doesn’t get much press.

It’s when others are envious of YOU.

This one is much harder to work through because you can’t change how people feel or act towards you.

The actions and expressions of a jealous person are neither kind nor loving, and when envy comes from a friend or loved one, we take it more personally. However, you need to understand it’s their issues causing envy. 

It has nothing to do with you.

But it hurts anyway. 

And it’s impossible to fix on your end.

I think the worst thing is that it causes us to dim our light.


Let the envious go.

You cannot fix them.

That is their job.

I wanted to put a quote here about envy.

When I googled “quotes about envy,” so many good ones came up, and I couldn’t choose just one.  

So, if you are on either side of envy, here’s what I recommend.

Google quotes about envy.

Please read them.

Sometimes reading that perfect quote is like holding a mirror to our face. 

It will help us let go or change.

Practice gratitude.

Develop an attitude of abundance.

Set success goals.

Compete with yourself.

Surround yourself with grateful people.

Practice being genuinely happy for others.

Dump envy like a bad ex.

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