March 22, 2021

Your Presence is Priceless

I’m several days late publishing my blog this week. 

My excuse?

I’ve been busy living in the moment.

Most of us are busy not living in the moment.

I remember when my kids were in school. Without fail, I was on the sidelines or the bleachers or sitting in the audience for concerts, sporting events, and graduations. But I wasn’t always fully present and focused on the occasion. I was a little distracted when I tried to capture those special moments with my video camera or my cell phone. 

These days most everyone has their faces in their phones, documenting those moments instead of engaging in real-time.

I admit, my name is on the guilty list.

This past year we’ve all learned great lessons about being present. 

We live on Zoom in virtual meetings and FaceTime, socializing with our families. 

Since we cannot be in each other’s physical presence, we have paid closer attention when we connect virtually. It’s comfortable because we are accustomed to technology. But I think we can agree that we all miss the real deal.

For the past few weeks, I met with my friends and my team in person.

I wanted more than to just be in proximity. I wanted to be present. 

Even if that meant my work was going to slack or my Instagram story might be sparse.

On the drive, I was present with my thoughts and taking in the scenery. 

Remember those videos of my kids? Most of them I’ve never gone back and watched. But the memories are vivid in my mind, and I replay them often. 

See, hear, smell, taste, and feel.

Pay attention.

Use your senses.

This is how you cherish a memory.

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