May 24, 2021

Fabulously Flawed

It’s a myth.
Not even a diamond is truly flawless. Under intense scrutiny, you’ll find even a “perfect” diamond has minor blemishes.
Now let’s move on to flawless people.

Somewhere along the line, people have set their sights on being flawless. We live in a world of photo filters, fake followers, and highlight reels. We appear to be flawless on the outside, but inside, we feel frustrated and phony.

It’s time to get it straight.
Flaws are a beautiful thing.
They make you exceptional.
They make you relatable.
They give you drive.
They ground you.
They inspire others.
They make you stand out and fit in simultaneously.

When we are open to being vulnerable and expose our flaws, it encourages others to connect and bond with us.

Your beauty and uniqueness are you—flaws included!
Don’t hide… celebrate them!

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About Susan Wheeler
Mom of 4😊7 grands❤️ultra runner 🏃‍♀️natural health strategist🍇writer 🌶organic farm owner🥕
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