March 5, 2021

Make Your Dreams Come True!

Are you a DREAMER?  

I am!

When I hear the phrase “dreams come true,” I think to myself, do they? Or, more likely, do we make our dreams come true?

When we hear the word dream, we think of something that isn’t real, like a movie created in our imagination while we sleep.

I prefer to daydream.

Which doesn’t mean I walk around with my head in the clouds.

It means I visualize my dream life. When I “see” what I want, it’s easier to create my goals and work towards making them a reality.

Ask anyone living their “dream life” if dreams come true or if they made their dreams happen.

I think I know what they’ll say.

A couple of days ago, our company announced the “winners” of a Fiji incentive trip. 

When they rolled out the incentive a year earlier, I’ll admit, I didn’t even know where Fiji was! I searched the internet and downloaded a hammock photo taken on one of Fiji’s famous, pristine beaches and made that my desktop for the entire year.

Each month I worked at earning as many “points” as I could.

At the end of each month, our company shared an updated list of the top point earners to monitor our progress.

As there is in any significant goal, there were a few months that I had to give myself an attitude adjustment. When the journey is long, we get tired or uninspired, and sometimes we lose our way or forget that excitement we felt when we first got started. Thankfully, I had a few people supporting me who encouraged me to keep going, even when I felt like giving up.

And guess what? 

I did it!

It wasn’t by luck or by chance. 

That’s why I don’t say I “won” an incentive trip.  

I worked with intention, and I EARNED that trip!

  1. Visualize. What I mean is you need to SEE yourself lounging on that beach or celebrating the holidays in your new home. Connect with how that is going to make you FEEL. The easiest goals to achieve are the ones that spark your senses and emotions. 
  2. Plan & Take Action. Come up with a plan. You wouldn’t take a trip without a roadmap or a GPS, would you? Figure out where you’re going and how you’ll get there. Then fuel up and take action. If you press START on your GPS and sit in your driveway, I guarantee you will go nowhere. Start moving in the direction of your dreams. If you sit too long on your idea without taking action, you will run out of fuel, and that plan will seem unattainable.
  3. Track your progress. It’s crucial to monitor your progress so that you can track and stay motivated. It helps you stay focused, meet your deadlines, and feel the excitement of getting closer to achieving your goal.
  4. Expect the lemons. Chasing down your dreams takes persistence and perseverance. You will have bad days and mini disasters. You may come unglued and want to give up at times. Be sure you have a cheerleader swishing around pom-poms and shouting your name. Someone that not only encourages you but absolutely refuses to let you quit on yourself.

Life goes pretty quickly. 

Dreams aren’t looking for your patience or for you to wait your turn.

Dreams are waiting for you to make them a reality.

Don’t disappoint them. Get busy!

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