August 20, 2020

“RACE” To Reach Your Goals Faster

Let’s get right to it.

When we focus on improving our strengths, we grow faster than if we work to fix our weaknesses. 

I wish that was how the education system worked.

Because if it did, students would probably jump out of bed to get to class every day!

Here’s how I operate.

When I enjoy something and am pretty good at it, I’m eager to practice and improve.

When I’m not too fond of something and am pretty terrible at it, I shut down, and eventually, I quit.

Here’s an example.

Say your child is a great violinist and loves playing the instrument, but has no desire to sing. Would you encourage them to put the violin away and take voice lessons, or foster their love of the violin?

Do you follow me?

So, say your goal is to start a business or begin an exercise routine. 

Whatever it is, choose wisely. That’s the first step.

Now, the RACE to success!

R ~ Relentless. BE RELENTLESS. You cannot reach the finish line quickly if you meander along. You must be clear and focused and unstoppable. Your end game must light your heart on fire. If you are highly passionate about your goal, you will automatically be relentless.

A ~ Action. Take MASSIVE action. Use all the tools available and get to work. I love Grant Cardone’s book, The 10x Rule. Work ten times harder, and you will reach your goal ten times faster!

C ~ Consistent. Not here and there or now and then. Every. Single. Day. You must become your goal. When you practice consistency, you will become more efficient and effective. Success will become a habit. 

E ~ Energy. Dive into whatever it is with the right vibes. Your energy will attract the right people and the right situations to help you RACE at incredible speed. 

Cheers to your RACE!

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