June 18, 2020

Hats, Converse…Action! How I added 7 extra hours to my week

Until lately, I have not realized the true value of a good going-out hat and a pair of special-occasion-only Converse.

I’m the girl who used to wash her hair every day. Every. Single. Day. Even though my hairdresser told me it’s not good to strip my hair of its natural oils, I washed it anyway. My hairdresser has not seen how sweaty I get when I run, or the tangled mop I wake up with every morning.

There’s nothing like a quarantine to force you to re-evaluate your hygiene habits.

In case you’re wondering, I bathe. I haven’t gotten that lazy. But my hairdresser was right. My hair doesn’t need all that washing.

Turns out, it doesn’t need drying either! I’ve become a fan of air-drying, and guess what I found? My hair is naturally wavy! Like cute wavy! Some days I wear a ponytail, others a ball-cap. Sometimes I use hair clips or bobby pins. Every day it’s a little different, and for the most part, it looks just fine. I’ve come a long way, baby.

Not only did I used to wash and dry and curl or straighten my hair,
Every. Single. Day.
I’d use so much hairspray that my bangs wouldn’t budge in a wind storm.

These days, my hair is happy and healthy and I love all the time I no longer waste primping.
When the world opens up again, I’m sticking with simple.
And a hat. This is where that awesome hat I was talking about comes in handy.

Have you noticed that you don’t spend time fussing over the ends of your hair? It’s the top that gets flat or funky and needs time and attention. Hence, a hat hides any disaster you might have going on up there. Choose a hat with a brim, and it will keep the sun out of your eyes too. Bonus!

I want to hit real quick on Converse. They’re cute. They make anything you wear look cute. They come in fun colors and personally, I think you should have the whole rainbow in your closet. Save one pair for special occasions, like date night or coffee with a girlfriend. Now, you’ve got your feet covered.

In case you’re wondering about the rest of your outfit, it doesn’t really matter. Wearing a great hat and cute Converse makes everything in between look stylish.

Now that I can look put together in record time, I have gained a good seven hours to my week. It leaves me more time to read, write, play with my dogs, catch up with friends, paint a room, swing in my hammock, or organize a junk drawer.

We always wish for free time. It isn’t given to us. We have to create it.

I was a hard sell. It only took me 57 years and being in quarantine to embrace simplicity, ease, and unlock the door to a 25 hour day. I am happier, calmer, and way more productive.

Cheers to hats and Converse!

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