October 15, 2020

In One Word

Towards the end of each year, millions of people pick a New Year’s Resolution. Instead of a resolution, for the last several years, I’ve chosen a word.
Essentially, you choose one word to guide you through the year.
Your word is your road map and your mirror, and the goal is to align with it.
My word for 2020?
Which means “to fill with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”
Boy, did I ever pick a great year to inspire!
On New Years Day, I thought I had it all figured out.
I was in the middle of editing my book, The Lemonade Diet.
I published my book in March and had a book tour/signing in the works.
Then along comes a pandemic and practically shuts down the entire world!
But I was already three months into 2020, so rather than swap out INSPIRE with PRAY, I decided to stay the path and continue to work with my original word.
As it turns out, people needed inspiration. So I took my word and went to work.
From cover to cover, The Lemonade Diet’s mission is to inspire. I couldn’t do the talks I was planning, but the book could be purchased and shipped to your door. That was a good thing!
I started a FaceBook live and committed to showing up four days a week. Some days there’s a motivating message: others, just pure silliness.
But EVERY day is upbeat, no matter what.
I participated in online book club talks, podcasts, and interviews. Always smiling, always focusing on gratitude for what we have and the good that can come from that.
I created physical challenges for myself and shared my journey online.
I helped people lose some weight and feel better, despite limited food and exercise options.
Even on those days when I wasn’t feeling inspired, I stood by my word and showed up anyway.
It’s not too late to choose a word and make it your mantra.
Wear it on a bracelet.
Use it when you speak.
Think about it.
Hashtag it.
Become it.

Cheers to sticking to your word!

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