June 5, 2020

3 Ways to Jump From Dreamer to Achiever

Dreaming isn’t just for bedtime anymore…

When I was a kid, I thought camping at a KOA with an inground swimming pool was living the life! Overnights at a motel were a rare occasion. And if I spent even one night at a hotel, I can’t remember. My parents were campers. As kids, we never took a vacation requiring air transportation. Our get-a-ways were campsites with wooded areas, brooks, or an occasional lake and limited amenities. One summer, we drove from Connecticut to Montana, in awe with all the sights in between. That was traveling as I knew it. And I loved it.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 40’s, working as an independent sales consultant in a direct marketing company that travel and vacation took on an entirely different meaning. 

I hopped on a plane. 

I landed in a different country.

I stayed in a 5-star resort. In a suite, no less.

I dined on food that could have doubled as artwork.

I swam in crystal clear, tropical waters.

I wore heels and a gown to a formal dinner.

My whole adult life, I flipped through magazines, trying to imagine what it might be like to experience these things. And once I did, my wildest dreams became my reality. 

Vision boards are terrific tools, but try snorkeling on time with sea turtles off the Maui coast, or slipping behind the wheel of a Bentley Convertable. When an image in your mind becomes three dimensional through touch or experience, it creates a feeling. 

Watch how relentless your mind becomes, in figuring out ways to achieve the things you desire.

One, Two, Three!

  • Do it in person! Instead of looking at your dream house on Zillow, meet with a realtor and do a walkthrough.
  • Follow your thoughts. After you have a real-time experience, you will be full of plans and ideas of how to make your dream a reality. Team up with those thoughts and brainstorm!
  • Do it again. And again and again! The more you dream and do and follow-through, you will find your dreams will become a reality faster.

On a side note, I am a hike-in-the-wooded-trails girl at heart. Always was, always will be. But there is more to explore, and in my one trip around the world here, I’m on an expedition.

Cheers to dreaming with your eyes wide open!

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