October 10, 2021

Life Gets Easier When You Do Hard Things

Do you know when your life gets easier?
Your life gets easier when you do hard things.

For example, maybe you aren’t feeling great.
It’s easy to sit on the couch and complain about how crappy you feel.
It’s easy to eat fast food or overload on sugar.
It’s easy to drink too much wine.
It’s easy to sleep late.
It’s easy to skip exercise.
It’s easy to binge-watch NetFlix.

It’s hard to bite your tongue and be grateful.
It’s hard to prepare healthy food and skip sweets.
It’s hard to say no to that glass of wine.
It’s hard to wake up early and jump out of bed.
It’s hard to go to the gym or go for a walk or a run every day.
It’s hard to turn off the TV and read a book instead.

What are the possible benefits?
You will be happier, more fit, and you might have more motivation and energy. You will feel more inspired and be more inspiring to others.
Every habit you want to ditch takes work, but here’s the great thing. Once you work at swapping out the easy old habit for the hard new habit, that HARD new habit becomes EASY!
You will feel more powerful and optimistic because of it.
Watch how your day-to-day life gets more rewarding.

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