December 3, 2020

5 Tips For A Healthy Holiday

Every December, most people go off the rails when it comes to their health. 

We drink too much, overeat, don’t get enough rest, and over-obligate our time and finances, adding tons of stress to our physical and mental health.

The pandemic’s silver lining is that many temptations will be limited this year.

Even so, making your health a priority should be at the top of everyone’s Christmas list.

Here are my five favorite tips to keep healthy over the holidays.

  1. Breakfast. Do not skip out on breakfast! Many people wake up not feeling hungry and don’t end up eating until lunchtime or even later. Those same people also end up overeating as the day progresses. Every morning I have a protein shake whether I feel hungry or not. It’s a healthy habit that sets me up for feeling more energetic throughout the day. 
  2. Schedule exercise. Just like an appointment for anything else, slot in time for a walk, the gym, virtual yoga, whatever “moves” you! Be sure to do something, anything, every single day.
  3. Hydrate. Have fun and enjoy the holiday libations, but water them down by going one for one. What I’m saying is drink a glass of water between cocktails. Your body will thank you the following day!
  4. Shop small. Have conversations with your family and find a compromise to overspending on presents. Giving is great, but not when you overspend and pay off credit card debt for months afterward. I bet you’ll find that many friends and family members will feel relieved knowing they aren’t the only ones wishing they could scale back. You can offer to help someone with a painting project, a home-cooked meal, or drive their kids to sports practice for a couple of days. It’s not the price tag on the gift; it’s the thought that counts! 
  5. Sleep. We might go to bed early and get up late, but how’s your sleep? You don’t need MORE sleep. You need a GOOD sleep. Melatonin does the trick for me. Five squirts, and I sleep like a baby. 

By incorporating these few, slight changes into your December routine, you will slide into 2021 with a sizable lead!

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