July 9, 2021

Would You Rather…. be right, or be rich?

Early on in my network marketing business, I hit a wall. My organization had a phenomenal start, and after about a year, I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I was stuck. So I hired a business coach. 

I was doing many things right, but my coach zoned in on what was tripping me up.

He said, “Susan, do you want to be right or be rich?”

I tended to argue with people, he told me. Not in a put up your dukes kind-of-way, but in an, I have to prove my point, kind-of-way.

I argued on principle. I had to be right.

I wanted to defend myself. But I paid this guy a lot of money to help me, so I swallowed my pride and let him pick away at my faults. 

So why do we argue with people? Why is our need to be right so crucial?

For me, it was insecurity. I didn’t want to look dumb. My value was in being correct.

My coach helped me understand that the very people I was trying to prove myself to HAD THE EXACT SAME HANG UP AS ME!

He explained that all the time I spent being right was taking my eye off the prize. Instead of logging in the hours to support my team, educate myself on products, teach leadership skills, and work on my personal development, I focused on proving a point to someone who was not only wasting my time but their time too.

Once I became aware, I could easily spot the bait. 

A negative comment on a Facebook post.

Someone’s uncomfortable body language.

A snide remark.

I avoided all these things like a fish swimming by a hook with a juicy wiggling worm because I had juicier business elsewhere. 

It wasn’t easy at first. Ignoring my bullies was as hard as quitting smoking, passing up dessert, or deleting your Netflix account. But I was determined not to let those getting under my skin lure me away from my goals. 

I remember when I was a kid and would get into arguments with my brother or sister. When I complained to my mother, she said, “Ignore them.” It worked because, eventually, they got bored and left me alone.

I’m sure negativity still exists all around me, but I no longer see it, and I absolutely do not engage in it.

Spiritually, mentally and financially, I have found the secret to being rich.

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