July 2, 2020

Flip The Switch! 3 Steps to Put Yourself First

Have you ever had a “lightbulb moment?” 

You know, when you came to a sudden realization or something finally made sense?

A couple of days ago, I replaced a lightbulb in my office lamp. The old bulb was a three-way, but 2 of the levels hadn’t worked for years. I thought to change it every time I turned on that dim light, but I was always busy with something else and thought to myself, “another time.”

Yesterday I was working at my desk, and I looked over at the light. I made myself stop what I was doing and went to find a new bulb. I didn’t have a three-way bulb, but I used it anyway. 

It was so freaking bright! I looked around the room, smiling and shaking my head.

I literally had a lightbulb moment.

Why did it take me YEARS to change that light bulb?

Well, a little bit was just me being lazy. And too busy doing something else to take one minute to change the darn thing. I mean, it did shine some dim light, so I limped along.

Limp along. We do it all the time. 

We are so busy or focused or burned-out, or in perpetual caretaker mode, that we put our health, needs, and dreams dead last. 

Or never.

I quote Bob Proctor often.

“The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves.”

I thought about all the times I stepped to the end of the line, like the things that mattered to me were less of a priority. 

You’ve heard it before. Place the oxygen mask on your face first. You can’t help anyone else unless you’re able to function.

I’ve never been in an emergency on an airplane and had to put this to use, but I’m fairly sure those who have did not sit around weighing the pros and cons. I bet they sprung into action.  

So, how do you go from limping to living?

  • WHY = What Hurts You

Dig for your why and start there.

Remember, this is your why, not anyone else’s.

Work on it.

It could be your career. Maybe you want to earn

more money so you can travel or be financially free.

Maybe you hate your job. Does fear keep you stuck?

Find something that you love! And if your dream job

does not exist, create it!

Or perhaps it’s your health. Maybe you’ve been carrying

extra pounds and that weight is dragging you down

both physically and emotionally.

You may want to get healthy, but going to

the gym or for a run feels selfish.

Cooking a healthy meal when your family prefers pizza

causes you to feel like you are depriving them.

Do it anyway.

When it comes to your health, I say this.

If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going

to live?

  • Prioritize

Think of it like eating the worst thing on your plate first,

to get it out of the way. For me, it’s lima beans.

You may have some “me time” guilt or not LOVE running or

going to the gym or eating that healthy meal. Do it anyway.

Day after day after day.

Repetition is how you form a habit.

Prioritize the things that will move you towards your goals.

  • Say NO

Lose the guilt.

When you say NO, you are not saying NEVER.

You are saying, not right now.

When you say yes to everyone else, there is no time left

to say yes to you.

Learn to say no and feel good about it.

It does not take much to improve or make a change.

Get up, get out of your way, and turn up the lights.

Cheers to flipping the switch! 

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