February 12, 2021

Happiness Is A Choice

Your happiness is up to you!

It really is.

Every time I was handed lemons in my life, early on, I felt like a victim. And it made me mad!

I wanted to blame everyone else. I pouted. And all that did was make me feel stuck.

Once I learned that I could still be in a crappy situation but create a better mood to deal with that crappy situation, I felt FREE!

Feeling happy gives you an entirely different perspective. 

We can set ourselves up for massive disappointment if we think anyone or anything can make us happy. Or not.

Take your mood, for example.

Your mood is a state of mind or a feeling, and it’s temporary.

When something happens that puts you in a “bad mood,” my advice is to change your state.

Change your state, change your mood.

Change your mood, change your mind.

It works every single time.

A bad mood can dissolve by listening to great music, going on a run, dancing around the room, talking it out with a friend, making yourself laugh, and often a good cleansing cry can help hit that reset button.

Sometimes we can’t swerve quickly enough to avoid that bad mood. Things come up that we don’t see coming, and BAM, you’re reeling from the blow. 

Remember that good news is right around the corner because your mood is up to you!

Step back, yell, cry, swear, whatever it takes. Then snap out of it.

Happiness is a choice.

Like my goat.

I handed her goat a lemon, and she didn’t get upset.

She politely declined and walked away.

Even my goat knows she has choices!

Choose happiness.

Life is a lot better that way.

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