August 6, 2020

Persevering Through Pandemics and Power Outages

As if the challenges of a pandemic weren’t enough, let’s throw in the destructive aftermath of a hurricane.

If you haven’t reached your tipping point with social distancing, masks, and the cancellation of every social event, celebration, and gathering, try flushing your toilet with pond water.
It turns out, the unraveling of basic hygiene was the final straw for my family.

But it’s not our shitty situation (pun intended) that I want to highlight here. It’s a reminder to focus forward, not dwell on those things we cannot fix or control.

Today, I’m longing for:
The magic of a light switch.
A 30-second reheat of my coffee in the microwave.
Running water to wash my face and brush my teeth.
Ice cubes.
Warm water to wash the dishes.
My washer and dryer.
The ability to cook food on the stove.

But if I sit around whining and dwelling on these things, where will that get me, other than feeling frustrated, angry, and helpless?

Instead, I CHOSE to get busy. I found a coffee shop with ice cubes, power, and WiFi. I sat down and wrote this blog.

Trace the origin of anxiety and stress.
It lies in the past and the future.
Worrying or dwelling on the past (it has PASSED and you cannot change it)
Worrying or dwelling on the future (it has not happened yet)
You only have power in what you think and feel and do right this minute.

THAT will predict the future.

Do not allow a pandemic or a power outage to hijack your focus.

Instead, foster and celebrate your ability to be sharp and savvy.
To find a way to persist and persevere.
Always look ahead and CREATE.

A pandemic or a power outage cannot take away YOUR power.
You can only give your power away.
Stop it!

Cheers to your power!

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