July 23, 2020

Whether it’s a Life Goal or a Mountain, my 7 tips will get you to the summit.

Have you ever looked up at a mountain and dreamed of the view but never dared to climb and see it for yourself?

Your eyes widen, and you wonder, how does someone even get up there?

Just envisioning the journey starts the panting and sweating, filling you with dread and doubt, and even might make your feet hurt.

A motionless mound of earth quietly invites you to conquer it. Yet, you retreat in fear, doubt, and defeat, without any attempt.

Ok, now imagine that mountain represents many goals. It could be anything from going back to school, getting a new job, moving to a different state, or starting a health journey. 

Our deepest desires are to experience and achieve impressive goals. But, we need to realize that those finish lines, aka, “views” would not be spectacular if they didn’t require some sweat and sacrifice to reach them.

How do you climb any of life’s mountains?

~Make a decision.

~Formulate a plan.

~Announce your intentions.

~Get started.

~Keep going, even when the path gets difficult or completely obstructed.

~Celebrate your accomplishment!

~Continue. There’s always going to be another mountain!

  • Decide: This is where almost everyone stops before they even get started. Stop procrastinating. Make a decision.
  • Formulate a plan: Once you decide, you must move quickly to this step. Watch what happens when you start strategizing! Ideas are the sparks that ignite action. 
  • Announce your intentions: Letting your family, a few close friends, or everyone on social media in on your plan, creates accountability. If you know people are watching and cheering you on, you will be more likely to stay the path and keep trudging along, even when you might feel like quitting. And keeping it real, some of those people are just waiting for you to fail. Those are the ones that drive me the most.
  • Get started: It’s like diving into cold water. Don’t dip your toe in and out and in and out. Just jump in, will you! The simple act of starting creates energy and momentum. And it gives you confidence! See, it’s not so hard, you’ve got this!
  • Keep going: You might have to nudge yourself to “start” every single day. Action is how you form habits that make those “mountain goals” your identity.
  • Celebrate your accomplishment: Don’t wait for someone else to recognize you. You just did something AMAZING, and you should not feel awkward patting yourself on the back. Revel in the moment and treat yourself like the winner you are!
  • Continue: Yes, you did it! Now check your pulse. If you’re still with us, you’ve got more mountains to climb! Continue to challenge yourself and grow. Even if you live for 200 years, you will never see, have, or do it all. If you are not growing, you are dying. Continue!

A goal is a goal, and the basic rules apply across the board. Remember, your most important gear is between your ears. Do not underestimate your mindset!

Cheers to all your summits!

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