September 13, 2021

Muscle Memory for your Mindset

Been there, done that.

Muscle memory.

It’s the ability to act without thinking, and it’s a real-life survival skill.  

We are in the middle of gutting our kitchen for a remodel.

I have my essentials laid out in plain view on a table, but I have a hard time trying to find whatever I’m looking for. 

I automatically picture where it used to be, and even if it’s right in front of my eyes, I can’t see it in its displaced location.


We also rely on muscle memory to drive our cars, brush our teeth, type, walk, etc.

One of my favorite forms of muscle memory pertains to mindset.

Mindset is a crucial skill on the path to becoming an exceptional overcomer.

There will always be obstacles to navigate, and life will try to derail you, but with a strong mindset, you can call on that muscle memory to remind you not only how but also that you can get through difficult things. 

When the going gets tough, my mindset muscle memory, or MMM, gives me a good talking to.

“You’ve been through this before.”

“You’ve survived worse than this.”

“Take a minute. You’ve got this!”

I hardly get upset when something goes wrong these days. I call upon my MMM and go from there.

What used to take me out of the game for long periods goes much faster these days.

You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Tap into your MMM for a reminder!

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