April 22, 2021

Do You Have Wings or Claws?

Do you know, if you fill a bucket with crabs, one crab can easily escape? However, as it tries, the rest of the crabs will keep pulling that crab back down into the bucket.

“If we can’t get out of here, neither can you.”

Sometimes people do the same sort of thing when they see others achieving success. Because of envy, competitiveness, or resentment, their negative words can stop someone from “going for it.”

That’s what you call crab mentality.

Now let’s take a look from a different angle.

Instead, how about if those crabs encouraged the escapee?

What if they felt inspired instead of jealous?

What if they felt happiness instead of resentment?

What if they felt they could follow instead of competing?

What if they saw that crab as a leader?

I love watching people break the mold and pave the way.

It doesn’t make me one bit jealous.

I feel hope and belief that if they can do it, so can I!

Imagine if your arms could be wings or claws.

Your claws only serve to pinch and hurt those trying to reach new heights.

Or, your wings could lighten the load and lift others to success.

Disregard the noise. Do not be afraid to lead.

You’ve been assigned mountains to show others they can be moved.

Grow wings!

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