May 26, 2020

If You Give A Mom A Mop

One thing I miss about quarantine is my cleaning lady. I miss her more than I miss manicures, pedicures, root touch-ups, massages, and chai tea latte’s in my favorite coffee shops. 

I don’t mind cleaning, but I am easily distracted. A chore that should take 30 minutes can sometimes take an entire day.

For example, cleaning my fridge yesterday looked like this. 
I opened the door to grab half and half for my coffee and noticed a sticky spill, so I grabbed the sponge to wipe it off. As I was wiping, I saw crumbs underneath the vegetable drawer.

I wondered how they got there as I pulled out the drawer to clean underneath. But to pull out that drawer, the fridge door has to be wide open. So, I had to pull the fridge away from the wall a little. When I pulled the refrigerator away from the wall, I notice some really creepy dust balls on the floor behind it.

Now I’m off to the pantry to grab the broom. In the pantry, the dog’s water bowl is empty. I pick it up to fill it from the utility sink and discover that the sink is covered with paint from cleaning paintbrushes the day before. I go to get some paper towels to wipe the paint, and the paper towel holder is empty, so I head to the basement to get a fresh roll.

While I’m in the basement, I realize there is a load of wash to transfer into the dryer. I start a new load of wash and see that I am almost out of fabric softener. I go back upstairs and get on my computer to place an online order for fabric softener. (Don’t go to the store in a pandemic if you don’t have to) While I’m on my computer, I get an email notification reminding me to schedule my annual eye exam.

I am on hold with the optometrist, and I hear beep beep beep beep beep…. coming from the kitchen. It’s the refrigerator door alarm reminding me to finish the job I barely even started.

Cheers to my cleaning lady… I need you back!  Can anyone relate?

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