May 13, 2021

It’s Not Fair!

Last week I hiked 11 miles with my friend who was visiting from Ohio. There’s lots to talk about on a 6-hour hike.

One of our colleagues had just lost her husband, suddenly, at the age of 49. We got into a discussion about how life wasn’t fair.

As a kid, I thought that getting the smaller half of a cookie or not being able to sit in the front seat or having a bedtime earlier than my friends wasn’t fair. When I was 16, my dad died of a heart attack. Wow, that certainly wasn’t fair. That event helped me put “fair” into perspective.

Does it upset you to see someone get a raise or a promotion?

Do you feel jealous when a friend takes a vacation, and you can’t get the time off from work?

Are you envious of people who are in great relationships while you struggle through yours?

At some point, we all complain and compare.

Wouldn’t life be good if it was fair and square?

But it’s not. 

The cookie never splits equally. One side of the Oreo will always have the cream. Sometimes you’ll get more. Sometimes you’ll get less.

Don’t get frustrated and don’t keep score.

There will be good times, and there will be bad times. 

Tragic events will feel incredibly unfair, and we need to grieve through those.

But the everyday stuff we whine and complain about is in our control. 

You are only the victim if you choose to be.

Life isn’t fair.

Take ownership.

Change what you can and accept the rest.

That Oreo cookie without cream is still pretty decent.

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