September 10, 2020

“Food” For Your Mood

Like the outfit you decide to wear or the entree you order from the menu, you choose your mood.

Think of it as a recipe.
If you want to fix something spicy, you’ll add jalapenos, cayenne pepper, or paprika.
For something sweet, you’ll need sugar, honey, or caramel syrup.
You get the idea.
So exactly what goes into your recipe for a good mood?

First, put on a smile. It’s always within reach and only takes a second to adjust. When you smile, it triggers a part of your brain that actually makes you happy. This a great place to start.

Next, take a shower. Fix your hair. Add makeup. If you’re a guy, shave. Or not. Your smile needs a nice place to hang out.

Wear something that makes you feel good. Not something that makes you fit in, but rather something that makes you wish you had a photoshoot scheduled. If you think you need a special occasion to dress up, this is it.

Go outside. Something about nature, fresh air, watching bees keep busy, and the hundreds of colors and textures are wonders. Go ahead and marvel. That alone is a mood lifter.

And if you’re lucky, you might have a dog or two or three to add to the mix. A dog will distract, entertain, and love you like no other. Dogs can instantly enhance your mood. If you don’t have a dog, go to a shelter and visit one. Yours won’t be the only mood lifted.

Trucks are great too. A couple of years ago, on a trip to Texas, my friend Cyndi and I chose a huge pick-up truck from the rental fleet. For no other reason than it made us happy to drive a truck through the Texas countryside.

Ok, so I’m kidding about the truck. You don’t need a truck to put you in a good mood. You just need to notice those things that make you sit up a little taller and dream a little bigger. When you find them, take the wheel and go.

The best thing about moods? It doesn’t take much, and a good one is as easy to slip into as a bad one.
The decision is all yours.

Cheers to good moods!
XO Susan

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