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Hit The Trails! How I Found Happiness in Hiking πŸ™‚

I am a runner. I’ve run tons of races, from 5k’s to ultra-marathons. Without question, my favorite runs have been the ones on dirt trails in the woods. Where I live in the Northwest corner of Connecticut, there is a myriad of trails, including 52 miles of the Appalachian Trail. The terrain and sights range […]

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Hats, Converse…Action! How I added 7 extra hours to my week

Until lately, I have not realized the true value of a good going-out hat and a pair of special-occasion-only Converse. I’m the girl who used to wash her hair every day. Every. Single. Day. Even though my hairdresser told me it’s not good to strip my hair of its natural oils, I washed it anyway. […]

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Bring Back The Smile πŸ™‚ 3 Ways to Smile More

I miss a lot of things these days, but smiles top the list. I have not enjoyed wearing a mask all these months. Steamed up glasses, feeling suffocated and my poor sensitive tugged-at ears are a few of my biggest mask-wearing complaints.But what masks have done to common courtesy saddens me to the core. We […]

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If You Give A Mom A Mop

One thing I miss about quarantine is my cleaning lady. I miss her more than I miss manicures, pedicures, root touch-ups, massages, and chai tea latte’s in my favorite coffee shops.  I don’t mind cleaning, but I am easily distracted. A chore that should take 30 minutes can sometimes take an entire day. For example, […]

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That Puppy Needs a Name

Over a month ago, my kids launched a sneak attack on me to get a puppy. “Finn (our two and a 1/2-year-old Jack Russell) needs a playmate.” “We are in quarantine! We will all be around to potty train.””It’s spring, a perfect time of year.” Truthfully, I didn’t want a puppy. I love puppies. I mean, who […]

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Hashing Out Personal Development

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a network marketer, or a soul seeking your higher self, you’ve heard the terms personal development, mindset, and personal growth slung around like hash on a breakfast grill.Β  Let’s talk about hash for a minute. What exactly is it? I don’t eat hash myself, but we could all probably point it […]

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